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Picco Pack

As a manufacturer of high quality tote bags, we have acquired over 4 years of experience enabling us to provide our customers with prompt, reliable and quality service and products.

According to our references we deliver tote bags to many European countries, this achievement is due to excellent quality, pricing and compliance with the delivery deadlines.

Our Priorities We offer quick and flexible solutions in the manufacturing of tote bags.

For us, up-to-date information, client-orientated services, compliance with quality environmental expectations and monitoring of modern market requirements are extremely important, in a way that these are paired with competitive prices and short deadlines.

Picco Pack has established long-term partnerships with its clients and suppliers thanks to its integrity, ethical and open minded values...

-You will always find our friendly and personal service exceptionally beyond your expectations.

-Send us your inquiry, we will do our best to give you our highly competitive quote instantly..

-In order to satisfy the final customer, we do our best everyday to provide to our clients tote bags demands at the best price within the shortest lead time...

-Why can we offer better tote bag prices than our competitors? Our company manages all the production facilities such as the entire printing works & sewing processes all in house...


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